For Cogip, corporate and social responsibility creates a solid foundation for business and the group’s modus operandi.
Simply doing a “good job” is not enough. Therefore, the Group strives to:

• Operate with the utmost respect for the common good
• Stay tightly connected to ethical and moral principles
• Promote sustainable development at all times

Not only create, build, and renew, but also encourage the development of the area, its uniqueness, as well as the entire community.
And this is why Cogip’s values are much more: a way of life, a mission and an essential objective.

This means much more than business performance and high levels of productivity and quality in work and in achievements. This is the Group Cogip’s commitment towards:
- Legality (transparency, safety, and law-abiding)
- Respect for the environment (ecological and environmentally-friendly technology and materials, reducing energy consumption)
- Merit-based work environment and rewarding talent (development and competitiveness within the business and the territory)
- Ethics and aesthetics (respect for the territory and area, work towards helping natural and artistic beauty)
- Culture (enhance the assets of the area where we work)
- The dignity of women and men (respect for those who work within the Group, but first and foremost, respect for the communities in which the Company works).

Successful Work, in Cogip’s mindset, does not simply mean following the rules.  Rather, this it also means giving a solid and tangible answer to the legitimate social and environmental expectations of the entire community. Cogip, in fact, always takes interest in a project – not solely with regard to the client, but within the broader view. There is no single stakeholder that deserves all the company’s respect and attention.  On the contrary, attention and respect must be given to all generations, present and future, that will take centre stage and have an interest and claim to an approach to work, shaping the most important values and principles that are at the foundation of social and environmental sustainability.

Ethics are the promise behind the Cogip Group.
Fairness the consolidated expertise of the Group.
Respect for society and the environment: the leitmotif of Cogip’s work.