Thanks to the support of Rina Service, a global leader in control, verification and certification, Cogip ensures the highest standards of quality and the utmost respect for current laws and safety policies.
The Company has always promoted environmental safeguarding and respect, particularly through the development of the area or city in which Cogip works.

Constant upgrading of company technology, paired with strict compliance checks at all stages of the projects, ensure the Cogip Group, and especially  its clients, the highest level of safety and the guarantee that the work will be carried out and completed in full compliance with environmental norms and regulations.

Cogip S.p.A. provides continuous updating of regulatory compliance and technology, often a step ahead of current requirements, because quality and safety are life choices for the Cogip Group.
Cogip S.p.A. currently holds the following quality certifications:

DownloadCertificate of Compliance with ISO 9001:2008
DownloadIntegrated Management System Policies

DownloadCertificate of Compliance with ISO 14001:2004
DownloadCertificate of Compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007

DownloadCertificate of Compliance with SA 8000:2008
DownloadCertification to Carry out Large Public Works