The strength of ideas depends on solid choices. When Cogip decided to make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) one of its distinguishing signs, new virtuous mechanisms began turning – day in and day out, in everything we do – an ideal model into real actions.

This translates into the safeguarding and protection the common good, which holds together three aspects that we find fundamental: the economy, business ethics and sustainable growth. We firmly believe in the driving role that a company can have in helping the growth and development in territories, geographical areas and the people themselves.

Moreover, solid values inspire this work:

  • legality (we say no to any and every criminal influence, handling all procedures with complete transparency, and providing the highest level of worker and employee safety).
  • respect for the environment (choosing technology and materials with low environmental impact, increasing energy efficiency).

  • enhancing and recognizing talent and merit (decisive factors in order to support the development and competitiveness of companies and the territory itself).

  • ethics and aesthetics (avoiding an overwhelming presence on the territory, inspired by artistic and natural beauty); culture (recognizing the cultural heritage of the area in which we are working).

  • respect and dignity (respect for those we work with us, and above all for the communities where we work).

For those companies – like Cogip – who build infrastructure around the world, these values are a sort of “compass”, a continuous point of reference as it were, that leads us towards the road to follow.

These values are highlighted by the work of each and every worker in the building site, as well as our choice of managers and our relations with public authorities, clients, partners, banking and financial institutions, suppliers, and the people.

Cogip strongly recognized these aspects in our management of human resources. Especially in our younger employees: the Cogip “team” has an average age of 41, and 25% are under 33. Women make up ¼ of all employees, many of which hold high positions in the company organizational structure. These characteristics are obviously important to the growth of our company.

Cogip considers the investment in young men and women one of the strengths of its company strategy. We carry out nonstop “recruiting”, in search of new talents and high-level management, which also includes the hiring of men and women who want to grow together within our group – putting themselves up for discussion, ready for new work and life experiences in Italy and around the world. From its young men and women, Cogip demands professionalism, dedication, teamwork, and versatility.

In turn, the company guarantees that their knowhow and expertise will be recognized, along with the possibility to move up the career ladder based on merit and solid results – ignoring when they where born or what gender they may be. Those who deserve it, move forward. Those who are worth it, continue to grow.