The Group Cogip places a great deal of attention on compliance, safety, and quality, as well as the verification of compliance and regulations during all construction activities, regardless of location or the type and complexity of the work.  Cogip S.p.A. proudly holds the following quality certifications:




pageUNI EN ISO 9001:2014

ISO 9001 is clearly the standard of reference - a renowned quality management standard in the world – currently used by over 750,000 organizations in 161 countries, which is the standard not only for quality management systems, but also management systems in general.  ISO 9001 is suitable for any organization that wants to improve operations and management, regardless of size or industry.


pageUNI EN ISO 14001:2014

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that defines how to establish a system of effective environmental management.  The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact.  Through the use of the standard, the company can easily identify the aspects of its business that have an impact on the environment and understand the environmental laws that affect their industry.  The next step is setting goals for improvement and developing a management program to achieve them, with reviews at regular intervals in order to ensure continuous improvement.

pageOHSAS 18001:2014

OHSAS 18001 provides the organization with a structured approach to planning, implementation and management of a system for the Health and Safety in the workplace.  The implementation of a management system for Occupational Health and Safety (“SSL” in Italian) makes it possible for Cogip to identify and control any risks to health and safety in the workplace, while also reducing the number of potential accidents, complying with legislation and continuously improving their performance.

pageSA 8000:2014

SA 8000 is an acronym that stands for Social Accountability, or social responsibility, and is the first standard, at the international level, regarding social accountability for companies and industries.  This central document is the most recognized international standard for the management of human rights in the workplace, prepared by Social Accountability International (SAI). It is the first certifiable standard for organizations of any size and located anywhere in the world; it provides a framework, for all parties involved, that ensures the commitment of business leaders towards social responsibility.
The opportunities for business can be summarized in: brand protection, improvement of internal relations, greater desirability for highly skilled human resources, higher value products that are recognized as "ethical", improving company image among stakeholders, ensure the sustainability of the business, supervise and carry out checks on the social behaviour of the supply chain.  Opportunities for employees and workers can be summarized in: greater guarantees regarding labour rights, continuous improvement of working conditions, more prospects for sustainability in the workplace.


pageIQNET 14001:2014 International Certification

pageIQNET 9 001:2014 International Certification

pageIQNET OHSAS 18 001:2014 International Certification

pageUNI CEI 11352 :2014

pageQualification Certificate for Performing Public Works 2014

pageSworn and Legalized Certificate 2014

pageIntegrated Management System Policies 2014