In Italy and abroad, Cogip is among the leaders in large public works, general contracting and renewable energy. Infrastructure and General Contracting are the areas in which the Cogip Group makes its largest investments, working with cutting-edge technology and qualified personnel. The core business of the Infrastructure Division focuses on large public and private works: marine works, roadways and highways, railways and subways, hydraulic works and civil construction and buildings.


The Renewable Energy Division is moving at breakneck speed: CogiPower is one of Italy’s most dynamic energy companies, covering the entire chain of construction, production and management (as an EPC contractor for plants to the production and management of renewable energy). Initially, these investments were focused on photovoltaic and solar. Recently, however, this division is diversifying into wind energy, concentrated PV (CPV) and biomass, with projects in Italy and abroad.

Side by side with the two main Business Units, Cogip’s Real Estate Division is a solid player in prestigious and high-end real estate in Italy and abroad, focusing also on urban requalification and environmental conservation.

Client Portfolio
Anas [the Italian National Highway and Motorway Company], Italferr [the Italian Railway Board], R.F.I [the Italian National Train and Railway Group], Autostrade per l’Italia [Italy’s Highway and Motorway Group], Società Aeroporto di Catania [the Catania Airport Company], Regional governments, City governments, Provinces, Port Authorities and Ports, as well as numerous foreign governments and large boards and authorities.

The Numbers

465 - employees in 2011 (+35% since 2008)

41 - the average age of employees in 2012

25% - percentage of employees under 33

1/4 - women who make up the management team as of 2012

161.838.000 euro - turnover at the end of 2010 (+16% since 2008)

1.426.000.000 euro - 2010 portfolio (+51% since 2008)

29.499.000 euro - net assets in 2010 (+24% since 2008)

26.500.000 euro - capital stock in 2010 (+77% since 2008)