After consolidating its position among the most important companies working in infrastructure and renewable energy in Italy, Cogip is now moving forward with internationalization and development abroad, paying special attention to emerging countries.

Cogip in the World

Through specific initiatives, managed by the Infrastructure Division or together with subsidiaries, the Cogip Group has started expanding in Eastern Europe (primarily Romania) and Africa, with particular focus on Northern Africa and the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), as well as Central Africa (Nigeria and Sudan).

Furthermore, the company is also assessing investments in South America, with particular attention placed on Brazil.

For some of these geographical areas, the works entrusted to the Cogip Group are currently in the building site stage, while others are being designed.

Many other projects and works are being assessed based on market potential. In any case – in Italy and abroad – Cogip’s modus operandi is always the same: respect the territory where we are working.

This means that we pay the utmost attention to the people, the environment, society, personal ethics and the beauty of the areas where the company works. All of this takes place with the highest possible quality standards regarding project design, choice of materials, use of technology, and safety in the workplace – following all regulations and procedures with paramount transparency.

Construction, for Gogip, also means transferring knowhow and experience to growing countries. We can grow together.