Cogipower Web SiteIn 2011, Cogip made its decision to start working in the field of renewable energy, at a time when the market had become extremely selective, rewarding only those companies that had a strong operational framework, solid financial backing and an organizational model based on flexibility and quick response.

This was the birth of CogiPower. The “Renewables” business unit of the Cogip Group, founded in 2010, become operative at the beginning of 2011. Its immediate growth was focused on photovoltaic and solar energy, staking a position among the top Italian players, with 53 MW spread out over 17 PV power stations in Sicily and Campania.

This rapid yet solid start-up, along with continuous investments in human resources (especially young professionals) and technology, offered immediate success. Clearly another important aspect is the dynamic link with the Cogip business model, a leader in general contracting and construction.
Thanks to the strengthening of the synergy between Cogip Infrastructure and CogiPower, the Group was able to take full advantage of its knowhow, expertise and experience – optimizing costs and timing. 

The strategy: consolidation in tradition PV and Solar Energy, increase its presence in CPV (Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Stations), develop an approach to new and cutting-edge renewable energy sources (next generation wind farms, biomass, biogas), as well as scouting in new European markets and emerging countries. However, CogiPower’s core business will remain in Sicily.

Thanks to the greater solar irradiation, this island – according to numerous scientific studies and market forecasting – will become the first area in Europe that could soon see grid parity, meaning that energy produced by alternative methods reach the same price as traditional electric energy production. We are working in a goldmine for clean energy.