Cogip has been working in the infrastructure sector for nearly 20 years. In addition to construction and contracting, the company also handles the management of these works and projects through Project Financing. 

The core business of the group is that of large public and private works: ma

rine works, roadways and highways, railways and subways, hydraulic works and civil construction and buildings. The Group’s portfolio can proudly count the highest-ranking authorities, boards and private groups, on a national and international level.

Over the years, the Cogip Group, thanks the Infrastructure Division, has proven itself as a market leader, through strategic partnerships and the trust of important clients and government boards: trustworthy, on-time delivery and above all, the certainty that the job will be done.

This is long series of success stories, highlighted by the company’s knowhow and reliability, clearly increasing our company’s rating on a national and international level.

Today, we participate in numerous tenders and win a large number of them – but most importantly, we get to work on the construction site and finish the job. For Cogip, each site that opens is a pact and agreement that must be respected.