President and Founder of the Cogip Group
CEO of Cogipower

Cofounder of Tecnis SpA


Mimmo Costanzo was born in Catania in 1962.  He graduated in Economics in 1986 and received his specialization at SDA - Bocconi University in Milan.

In 1984, he joined the family business, which for 3 generations has been active in the marketing of energy services, and in 1990 Mr. Costanzo became Managing Director, focusing on strategic development and management of human resources.

- 1991-1993 Mimmo Costanzo was elected President of Confindustria – the Young Entrepreneurs Association - in Catania. In 1993 he was elected to the office of the city government for Economic Development of Catania, on Mayor Enzo Bianco’s council.

- 1994 The family business began diversification into the field of infrastructure, acquiring the Sipa Copmany, and entrusted governance to Mr. Constanzo, who then founded Cogip and embarked down his own entrepreneurial path.

- 2013 The Cogip Group, with more than 800 employees within the different subsidiaries and consolidated sales of €300 million, today is one of the key players in General Contracting of Large Public Works and Infrastructure in Italy, and a dynamic player in the field of renewable energy.

Cogip Infrastructure
Represents one of the 3 Business Units around which the Group is structured.  Cogip Infrastructure has more than 20 years of experience in Large Public Works and Infrastructure in Italy:  roadways and general infrastructure, railways, maritime works, ports, and airports.  As part of its business portfolio, Cogip owns 50% of Tecnis Spa, ranked by Sole24Ore among the top 25 Italian companies in the field of General Construction, Engineering and General Contracting. Tecnis is currently building important maritime works, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways and specialized construction in Italy and abroad.

Cogipower is another primary Business Unit of the Group, an Energy company that has taken on a leading role in the Italian market for renewable energy. Through synergies with Cogip Infrastructure Spa (in the role of EPC), Cogipower covers the entire value chain within the renewable energy sector (development, construction, as well as operation and maintenance of facilities). From 2011 to 2012, the Company built and brought into operation photovoltaic power stations with a total power of more than 56 MW.
In addition, as part of the PON research program (Ministry of Scientific Research), Cogipower is a top player in SmartGgrids for energy efficiency in Italy.
Mimmo Costanzo Cogip CEO
Moreover, Cogipower is one of 5 major Italian companies chosen by the GSE (Italian Energy Service Authority), under the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, the "Project GSE, Energy Outreach", which includes the construction of clean energy at sites with high social value.
Regarding internationalization, the Cogip/Tecnis Group has recently embarked on a path of penetration into new markets, particularly in Brazil, the Maghreb and Eastern Europe.

In August 2013, the Cogip Group set down another path towards diversification, founding a new unit, GreenWave, aimed at promoting investment in agriculture and the development of the Territory, with the intention of combining excellence with innovation in the primary sector and the application of digital technologies. Within this mindset, Mimmo Costanzo invested in the wine industry – Palmento Santo Spirito – a challenging project that led to the renovation and revitalization of an old winery on Mt. Etna, including the recovery and revival of traditional native-varietal “alberello” (bush pruning with chestnut posts) vines, some centuries-old, which had been abandoned due to the high costs and the painstaking manual care required.    

Mimmo Costanzo, as member of the Board of Directors of Confindustria Catania, is also committed to legality, social responsibility and respect for the law and currently regulations.  In 2012, he distinguished himself for allowing the judiciary and law enforcement agencies to carry out a large anti-mafia operation.  In October 2013, Cogip was awarded the National Prize for Safety 2013, from Confindustria and INAIL.  Cogip was the only company in Southern Italy to be awarded this important prize.
The purpose of the National Safety Prize is that of creating an enterprise based on policies that push health and safety in the workplace, companies that share these best practices and rewarding companies that stand out for real commitment in the field of health and safety and to the operating results achieved towards continuous improvement. Cogip was awarded with the following motivation: "For the ability to establish relationships and agreements with stakeholders in order to improve processes for health and safety."

Mimmo Costanzo is also President and founder "Merit Foundation", created in 2013, with the aim of promoting a merit-based culture for future generations.  The foundation supports this concept through strategic projects, integrated in the fields of Education, Research, Youth Associations, and Volunteer Work, in order to support excellence and dedication. On a personal note, Mr. Costanzo is an active marathon runner (he has participated in a number of competitions around the world), a true wine enthusiast, with wine production on Mt. Etna, and a collector of contemporary artwork. He is also a Founding Member of the MAXXI Museum in Rome